Control Room


?Narrow pixel pitch LED display system is responsible for multifunctional and comprehensive applications, aiming to realize information exchanging among all business platforms. The application scenarios mainly include scientific research and teaching, security monitoring, video conferencing, integrated multimedia system, integrated control, visible command system and digital business developing, etc.

Solution Features


a. Integration

    ??NPP products have realized integrated control of display system and peripheral devices. The user-friendly operating interface enables real-time control to all computers connected by simply touching the operation interface, including conducting PowerPoint presentation and remote configuration operations by touching the operation interface.

    ?b. Management Control

    ?Central control terminal support network division control and multi-user operation. Users can operate the screen by one mouse or keyboard. In addition, operators     ?also ?can do remote control and interactive control by software settings.  

    ?c. Multi-signal display

    ?The screen control software support all signal image window and application window operations, including window switching, property setting, free zooming, and     ?overlaying as well as free moving.

    ?d. Pre-planning management

    ?Pre-planning management facilitates editing, saving, modifying, deleting and pre-arranging of the plans (including the modular setting of size and position of the display window). The software support “short-cut’ key and timing function, it can also do automatic display when an emergency occurs. 

    ?e. Compatibility

    ?The compatibility feature can realize multiple display systems connection, it can be applied in firefighting department, public security bureau and traffic management bureau ?monitoring systems.


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